Magnet therapy


Magnet therapy is the method by which we apply on the human organismo constant magnetic fields (CMC) or variable magnetic fields (CMV) in order to solve certain conditions.

Effects of magnet:

– Nivelation of the body’s pH levels
– Direct effects on bones and collagen
– Polarization of cells
– Relaxation or decontract of muscles
– Vasolidatador
– Regenerating tissue
– Anti-inflammatory
– Circulatory regulation
– Increased tissue oxygen
– Analgesics
– Organic generalized Relaxation
– Disinfectant
– Healing

My KITS THERAPEUTIC MAGNETS (#TherapeuticMagnets) can be used for domestic use Orly andi t is recommended to visit a specialist for more specific medical conditions. These magnets are

#ThepeuticalMagnets and Bansal Method Kit:
– For more than 12 years.
– For children from 2 to 12 years.

First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit for Kitchen
First Aid Kit for Gardens

In Central Asia, particularly in India, a magnet treatment method was developed by Dr. HL Bansal which aim was to restored the body pH levels.

This method is prevention of any disease.

With my kits and Magnet Therapy Method Bansal you and your family can make the method comfortably from home getting a great benefit for your health.



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